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We invite you to read the Bol d’Or rules, downloadable below :



Due to the state of emergency established throughout the French territory, the Bol d’Or reinforces its safety device for the reception of spectators during the events. Access to the circuit and reception areas will benefit from a reinforced safety device aimed at controlling vehicles and people.

For the smooth running of the event and the safety of the public:

  • It is prohibited to introduce, hold or use any rocket or fireworks of any kind, or to introduce without legitimate motive all objects likely to constitute a weapon.
  • It is also forbidden to fire in the Bol d’Or. Any device that generates flames or sparks and can cause fire or risk is strictly forbidden in the Bol d’Or.
  • Given the ban on making a fire and the prohibition to return a flame generator, the practice of barbecue is strictly prohibited except with the help of an electric grill powered by a small personal generator.
  • It is forbidden to introduce any object made of glass including glass bottles.
  • Trailers are strictly prohibited within the circuit including the reception areas.